Descartes' Chair

I made this piece for an auction where a bunch of artists were all given the same style chair and asked to do something interesting with it. At the time I was thinking about: 1) the notion that all matter vibrates at some level, 2) what it would be like to be able to hear it, and 3) the myths that claim these vibrations contain interesting information about human history. The chair itself reminded me of some Parisian Left Bank cafe and I had coincidentally been reading about the negative impact of Descartes' dualism on Western thought. It all came together in Descartes' Chair. Now with the aid of the two Paleo-Quantum Sound Analyzers® that I built, you can hear for yourself the vibrations that were captured in the chair of this famous philosopher as he worked on "cogito ergo sum" by scrolling down and clicking on the chair's seat. You may also want to examine this accompanying handout (Descartes' Chair), shown next to the chair in the photo below and distributed whenever the famous chair is exhibited.

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