The Reverend Pi 357
Click on the controller to play

After a friend of mine saw The Reverend Pi 357, he told me it was the "goofiest piece of art he'd ever seen" (even so, he still appears on my Links and Resources page). He might have been thinking other things as well but he didn't let them slip out. So in light of his comment and some other blank stares The Reverend piece has occasioned, I thought it might be advisable for me to provide a little explanation as to what I was thinking about when I made this piece, as in: "WHAT, on earth, were you thinking?"

Here's the context. I had been doing quite a bit of reading about mathematicians Euler, Riemann, Ramanujan, Godel, and others. And of course I was working on sonifying Pi and the Magic 5 Equation. Every one of the terms in The Magic 5 Equation has some historical association with mysticism of one sort or another. It persists even today. And I have for several years been mulling over a piece having to do with the so-called "Bible Codes" that some claim foretell the future of humankind, and explain the past, using a complicated numerology based on Hebrew letter arrays "coded" in biblical texts. One prominent proponents says they were put there by extraterrestrials. Hmm? Add to this mix the movie "Pi". Netflix is great.

I got to thinking, given all the mysticism surrounding these mathematical subjects, shouldn't there be a mathematical clergy? Perhaps they come from outer space (11-space as well, like in String Theory). What might a sermon beamed to us by a "Priest of Pi" be like? Inspirational like the mega-church sermons on T.V.? Would the sermon tell us exactly what THE CODE is?  Or just give us hints so we could earn our redemption?

This video takes a stab at answering these question. I threw in primes, even/odd, Pi, sonification, circles, bits, bytes, backwards speech, a medieval looking halo with integer rays, among other things.  Even 666 from the Pi expansion. I tried to throw in some Hebrew but when it was played backwards it sounded like Norwegian to me. No offense to all my good Norwegians friends out there, but the "Priest of Pi" does not do Norwegian!

So that's what on earth I was thinking.

Note: The Very Reverend Doctor Pi is actually, in real life, an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and an officially degreed doctor. I'm serious. He is available to perform legal weddings, baptisms, funerals, spiritual counseling, and other ministerial duties and will assist you in designing Pi or other numerological themes for your rituals. Email me at this web page and I will help facilitate an appointment or booking with The Very Reverend Doctor Pi. Fees depend upon time, distance, ritual complexity and of course, your income. Donations to further the Very Reverend's work are encouraged and welcomed. But please, prime number donations only and be sure to use PayPal.